Diane Moore: This photo is in black and white. She is a white woman with dark, long wavy hair, she has brown eyes and is smiling into the camera.

The Diane Moore Creation Award

Photo Credit: Jessica Lowe

Diane Moore

This award honours Live Art Dance’s founder, Diane Moore. In 2007, LAD’s board of directors and staff created the Diane Moore Creation Award. This award is in memory of Moore’s contributions to the local dance ecology. Diane was deeply passionate about stimulating and promoting new dance creations and was inspiring in her tremendous support for Atlantic Canadian artists.

With the generous support of Neal Livingston and Dance Nova Scotia, Live Art Dance has been able to continue to offer and grow this award, stimulating and supporting the creation of contemporary dance in the Atlantic Region!

Applications Closed for 2022


This award honours Live Art Dance’s founder, Diane Moore. Diane was deeply passionate about stimulating and promoting new dance creations and her tremendous support for Atlantic Canadian artists was inspiring.

Value of the Award

The 2022 Diane Moore Creation Award is comprised of a cash award for $3,000.00 plus 50 hours of free studio time at DanSpace depending on availability in Halifax (value $1,000.00).

This award is made possible through a generous donation by Neal Livingston. The studio component of the award has been donated by Dance Nova Scotia and is available to the recipient only in the months of June, July and August and is subject to studio availability. 


Professional and emerging dancers and choreographers from the four Atlantic Provinces are eligible to apply. Applicants must currently reside in Atlantic Canada and have done so for at least one full calendar year prior to the application deadline. The award is for creation-based projects. Selection criteria will focus on the creative elements of the project and the importance the project plays in the applicant’s development as an artist

The funds do not have to result in a finished work but may be used for movement research or to explore new ideas. Your project may be entirely funded by this award alone and you are not required to have other sources of funding for your project. However, if you have other funding, either confirmed or applied for, you should include details of that funding in your budget.  

The award is intended to stimulate and support the creation of contemporary dance in the Atlantic Region. 

Note – Projects involving studying or dance training at an institution or dance training facility are not eligible.  

Contact Randy Glynn at Live Art Dance if you are concerned about the criteria or your project’s eligibility or have any questions – [email protected]

  1. Please ensure that you clearly identify yourself in the application with an email address and a phone number at which you can be reached.
  2. A project description. Please describe the creative elements of your project, for example, is this work a new direction or is it an enhanced exploration of a theme you’ve been developing? In addition, please discuss the project’s importance to you and your development as a creator. As well, outline the project’s expected outcome. Maximum – 1,500 words – 11 point, single-sided, 8 ½ x 11, not stapled. You are not obliged to use all 1,500 words and its recommended that you be succinct.
  3. An up-to-date CV (two-page maximum).
  4. A detailed budget including revenues and expenses. If you are applying for other sources of funds, please include them and specify which are confirmed.
  5. It is not required but advisable to submit video support material. For video support material please limit the total of all the submitted material to 15 minutes or less. Please do not send any reviews, press material or marketing information. Videos may be submitted as a link with your electronic application (Vimeo, YouTube, DropBox). If you are unable to submit via an online link, please contact the Live Art office for assistance  [email protected] or at 902-420-0003. Please contextualize the video and how it relates to this project. We will test all video support material before the jury meets.
  6. Additional support material: If your project involves text or poetry, or other special elements, such as special fabric or sculptural items you should also submit details about these elements.

Applications should be submitted electronically to: [email protected] and should be received no later than midnight, April 4th, 2022. 

Selection: A jury consisting of three people – one person from the Live Art Board of Directors and two others from the dance community – will evaluate the applications based on their creative merit and impact on the applicant’s career.

Please note, the successful applicant will be required to submit a final report and consents to allow Live Art Dance Productions to use their name for publicity and promotional purposes.

About Diane Moore

Diane Moore was a key member of the Canadian dance community for over 25 years. She was admired throughout the country for her work as a presenter, curator, choreographer and dancer. Diane was the founder and artistic director of the Eye Level Gallery New Dance Series and Live Art Productions. Her support and belief in individual artists, and her encouragement to emerging artists and companies was second to none. Diane was a founding board member of the Candance Network, a pan Canadian organization of specialized dance presenters. In 1976 Diane became a founding member of the Halifax Dance Co-op Company, Nova Scotia’s second Modern Dance company. In 2002 Diane was a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Merit Award.

Through teaching, mentoring, managing, producing and presenting, Diane ensured the continued growth of the dance community locally, nationally and internationally. Diane was instrumental in the introduction of somatics, a body-mind approach to movement, within dance technique training, choreographic research, and injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Past Diane Moore Recipients