The Bach Project | 1
Featuring Jay Harvey and Cellist Norm Adams
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The Bach Project | 2
Featuring Anastasia Wiebe and cellist Norm Adams
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The Bach Project | 3
Featuring Jessica Lowe and Cellist Norm Adams
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The Bach Project | 4
Featuring Lydia Zimmer and Norm Adams
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The Bach Project | 5
Featuring dancers Nathaniel Dooks, Olivia MacLean and cellist Norm Adams
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The Bach Project | 6
Featuring Circus Artist Dawn Shepherd and Cellist Norm Adams
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The Bach Project | 7
Featuring Dance artist Susanne Chui and Violinist Kelvin Mansaray
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  • The Bach Project | 1
  • The Bach Project | 2
  • The Bach Project | 3
  • The Bach Project | 4
  • The Bach Project | 5
  • The Bach Project | 6
  • The Bach Project | 7

Staging the Screen

Introductory Video-Dance Training for Performing Artists

Live Art Dance and Mocean Dance are pleased to host Staging the Screen, a dance-on-film workshop designed and taught by filmmaker Lisa Cochrane. This four-Sunday training event is an introduction to video dance creation geared for dance and movement artists, and also filmmakers and photographers who wish to render dance on the screen.

LAD Presents - The Bach Project | 7

Featuring Dance artist Susanne Chui and Violinist Kelvin Mansaray

Diane Moore Creation Award | 2020 | Alexis Cormier

Live Art Dance is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2020 Diane Moore Creation Award (DMCA) is Halifax choreographer/director/teacher Alexis Cormier. This annual award honours Live Art Dance’s founder Diane Moore and her passion for dance creation and support of Atlantic Canadian Artists. The DMCA was initiated to stimulate and sustain the creation of contemporary dance in the Atlantic Region. It is administered by Live Art Dance. The award is adjudicated by an independent arm’s length jury of three individuals with an extensive knowledge of dance, from the Atlantic Region.

In 2018, Live Art Dance, through dedicated fundraising and a new partnership with Dance Nova Scotia, increased the value of the award from $500 to $2,000, making it the largest non-governmental award for dance creation in Atlantic Canada. The DCMA also carries with it 50 hours of free studio time courtesy of Dance Nova Scotia.
Alexis Cormier is a prominent local force in the Halifax dance community. She is the founder and Artistic Director of Halifax’s only professional Hip Hop company “The Woods” and has been creating, promoting and presenting contemporary street dance in the Halifax area for many years. Coming from 20 years of classical dance training, Alexis continues to develop her street dance skills and strives to blend her vocabularies. Her voice explores challenging societal subjects, from the millennial perspective, and seeks to solidify the millennial aesthetic and create understanding for all persons.

Alexis will use the award to aid in the creation of her new piece called "Home Economics”. This work is a dance/wearable sculpture creation project that contests the societal norm of how women are evaluated and categorized by quantity (age, size, etc...), from the millennial perspective. Alexis and her team believe this project is propitious, as women continue to struggle to maintain equity: economically, socially, culturally. They see women’s oppression exposed and at the forefront of North American legal/social battles in movements like “Me Too” and “Time’s Up”. The dance will be created in several phases over the next 2 years.

For more information on the Diane Moore Creation Award, please visit:

For more information on Alexis Cormier and The Woods, please visit: