The Return of Live Art Dance

“22 months. It has been that long since Live Art Dance presented a live show as a part of a one of our seasons. In fact when the Spatz curtain opens on Out Innerspace’s show, “Bygones” on November 26th it will have been 22 months and 15 days since we presented Tentacle Tribe. That was the 4th show of our 2019/20 season and 60 days later the world went into lockdown.

There was no 2020/21 season but “Bygones” kicks off our 2021/22 season and we are so glad to be back. And what a season it is – a new work from Rubberbandance; a world premiere from Rebecca Lazier; the ever exciting Red Sky Performance; and the return of magical Wen Wei.

We have decided that this year, because of the myriad of moving parts related to presenting shows, we are going to sell tickets to each show separately as they approach. So at the moment tickets for Out Innerspace are on sale but the rest will not go on sale until closer to the performance date.

We hope the covid numbers continue to go in the right direction and that all of these shows are possible and that you, our patrons, feel comfortable returning to the theatre. As I am sure you know it is now mandated that all attendees at performing arts event are required to be double vaccinated. With crossed fingers and much excitement I hope to see all of you soon.”

Randy Glynn

Artistic Director, Live Art Dance

Covid-19 Safety Policy

Proof of Double Vaccination required for Entry!

In order to gain access to the show, all patrons 12 years of age and up must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 by October 4th, 2021. Official vaccination documentation such as the CanImmunize Covid-19 Vaccination Record will be required as proof of vaccination status. Please read more here to review our full vaccination policy, and learn about the mask and distancing requirements for the show.