Tentacle Tribe, Ghost: A white woman wears black jeans and a mauve tank top on a white background. A white man has on grey pants and a blue long-sleeve T-shirt. He is on one knee with his back the camera. She is arching backwards over his knee towards the camera.

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Photo Credit: Ebnfloh

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Since 1982, Live Art Dance has been a significant force in supporting and elevating the dance ecology of the Maritime region. With donations like yours we can continue to lobby for increased arts funding which in turn enables Live Art Dance to present high calibre national and international presentations. Your donations also help us to invest in the vibrant local dance community and help to sustain our day-to-day operations. Join Our Journey!

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For nearly four decades, Live Art Dance has been one of Canada’s most active and dynamic presenters of contemporary dance and that is largely thanks to you, our patrons through your generous donations and sponsorships.

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Joan Craig

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E. Layton Dorey & Tim Gill, Catherine Lazier, Neal Livingston, Toni Suzuki-Laidlaw & Eric Hanley.

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Richmond Campbell & Sue Sherwin, Rebekah Higgs, Nancy Mansfield, Irene Orr, Lydia Y. & S. Frank Sakurai Fund, Gavin Stuttard & Candace Crocker, and Bob Thomas

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Peggy Cameron, Alvin Comiter, Richard Devlin, Elizabeth Edwards, Monique Leblanc, Andrea Nemetz, Mary O’Brien, Deborah & Colin Richardson, Kevin Schwenker, Merlinda Weinberg.

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Caroline Abbott, Marilynne Bell, Ray Cannings, Michael Dean, Gretchen Fitzgerald, Ewa Jachimowicz, Barbara Kelly, Steve Lunn, Wilfred Moore, Anne Muecke, Brady Muller, Wilma Needham, Gillian Seaward-Boone, Sheila Strong, Andrew Terris, Kelly Toughill, Susan Wenning, Pamela Zimmer.

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Anne Bastedo, Shannon Brownlee, Susanne Chui, Carmel Forde, Randy Glynn, Harry Harsimrat, Lara Hazelton, Deborah Jones, Kenneth Knight, Ron Kuwahara, Laura MacDonald, Veronique Mackenzie, Susan McClure, Théa Meeson, Sharon Nicolle, Gay Osler, Janet Ross, Ronald Shaffer, Sheila Stevenson, Catherine Venart, Shari Vogler, Judith and Peter Williams, Jane Wooding.