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Winner of the 2024 DMCA

I’thandi Munro

Live Art Dance is pleased to announce that Halifax-based performance and visual artist I’thandi Munro is the winner of the 2024 Diane Moore Creation Award (DMCA). This annual award honours Live Art Dance’s founder Diane Moore and is inspired by her passion for dance creation and her support of Atlantic Canadian Artists. The DMCA was initiated to stimulate and sustain the creation of contemporary dance in the Atlantic Region. Administered by Live Art Dance, the award is adjudicated by an independent arm’s length jury of three individuals who have an extensive knowledge of dance in the Atlantic Region.

2024 Diane Moore Creation Award

The amount of this year’s award is $2,000 with 50 hours of free studio space at DANSpace. The DMCA is the largest non-governmental award for dance creation in Atlantic Canada. These funds have been raised through dedicated fundraising on the part of Live Art Dance, a partnership with Dance Nova Scotia and the generosity of Neal Livingston. The 2024 award will go to support a new solo work performed by I’thandi Munro .

“Live Art Dance is proud to offer this annual award in memory of our founder, Diane Moore,” said Artistic Director Liliona Quarmyne. “Each year the quantity and calibre of the applications we receive indicate what a vibrant, creative and growing dance community we have in Atlantic Canada – and we are delighted to be a part of it.”

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About I’thandi Munro

I’thandi Munro is an award winning professional performance and visual artist. She has a BFA from NSCAD and movement is at her core of making. Munro uses the representation of line and lineage as underlying concepts in her fine art, craft, photography and dance. Continuously merging different mediums into finished pieces there is always a sense of multiplicity within her work, she leaves space for her pieces to naturally evolve through reaction and discussion. Munro creates an ever-changing body of work that can be explored and realized in different ways.

IM DianeMoore

About the Project


This piece is based on the “freedom” to move and Improve within structures and steel wire restrictions. As a choreographer, mover, and metalsmith I like to combine mediums to create full landscapes of thought.

How do you move freely within a restricted or confined space? What does this look like visually, how does this impact the way you navigate the space around you. How do you achieve freedom when your parameters have been set and you must find a way to not only exist, but to thrive? Is their beauty within confinement? What does that beauty look like when the restrains have been removed?

As a racialized person living in a post colonial society, these are questions and realities that I can never break free from. Using movement has been a healing source of acceptance for these bonds placed upon our communities.

As an improvisational choreographer, I like to play with the deep thoughts that might provoke change? Or help others to achieve peace within their own situations.

How can our pathways be seen for others to learn from?

Where do we elevate to once we have reached the end of what has already been created and paved?

Using Freeform movement within wire structures I create during improvisation, I hope to reform the movements I make as a way of embracing the histories, the traumas, the bounded lifestyles I have no choice but to accept, redesign, and move forward from.

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