A’nó:wara Dance Theatre: the silhouette of two masculine people sitting on the group leaning back on their arms looking up. A woman is holding the back of the head of one man and looking down at him. A musician playing a wind instrument is standing in the background on some scaffolding. There is yellow light coming from the back.

Radical System Art

Photo Credit: Emilie Bland

Momentum of Isolation

Momentum of Isolation looks at how our digital lives, technologies and shifting values are increasing the prominence of social isolation and loneliness.


Radical System Art

MOI - Momentum of Isolation

October 21, 2022, at 8:00 pm

Spatz Theatre. General Seating.

$35.00 Adults; $30.00 Seniors; $15 Students / Arts Worker / Underwaged

Content Warning: haze, strobing & moving lights, and loud & dynamic sounds.

Momentum of Isolation bases its performances around social isolation and loneliness. The performance explores the objective and subjective experiences through the individual, the group and modern society- a society with shifting values and an ever-advancing digital way of life. The digital elements of this performance enhance ideas on how technology influences our lives, and that influence can both empower and disempower us. 

To shape a digital world on stage, MOI places live interactive video and sound around the performers. These elements enhance ideas on how technology influences our lives, and that it can both empower and disempower us. 

Further distilling isolation, solo performances and the extended social isolation of one character on stage are critical to the arc of the performance. Within MOI, one character’s interactions are only with inanimate objects. Through puppeteering and stagecraft, the inanimate world comes to life, which highlights how social isolation can disrupt our connection to reality. Our social bonds allow us to understand that we have an impact on what is around us- that we exist. 

Research began on MOI in 2018 after Artistic Director Shay Kubler read about the “Minister of Loneliness” in the U.K. In studies, social isolation was found to be more detrimental to health, over alcohol and cigarettes. In 2018, MOI felt like a critical work to explore. Now, in 2021, it has become even more relevant and accessible.

“Momentum of Isolation may be his [Shay Kuebler] most moving and fiercely funky work to date.”
Radical System ART

Radical System Art (RSA) fuses dance, theatre and martial arts with interactive technology and design to create impactful performances. The company is guided by a principle of harnessing opposition to find strength and balance: athleticism with artistry, structure with chaos, technique with instinct. RSA believes collaboration is critical to reaching wider audiences. By creating with many unique and diverse artists, RSA looks to build work that speaks to more people. By integrating multiple art forms, company performances seek to balance out the presence of visual design, sound design and physical movement.

Artistic Director Shay Kuebler believes the performing arts are a transcendent form of storytelling. By weaving movement, sound and imagery together, we create a universal language that voices what can’t be said with words.

Shay Kuebler

Shay began his artistic development at the age of 5 with dramatic arts and martial arts in Shito-Ryu Karate. His early artistic growth would lead to dance and a versatile background in Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and Ballet. He continues to develop and further his artistic practice through travel and intensive study, which has included study in music, theatre, dance and martial arts in the USA, Brazil, Japan and China. As a performer, he has worked in the fields of Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary Dance, Circus Arts, Film and Theatre. He has performed for numerous companies across Canada, USA and The UK, including Kidd Pivot, Holy Body Tattoo, Pachimama Theatre, Line 1 and Company 605. He has choreographed and directed works for The American Dance Festival, CitieBallet, Les Grands Ballet Canadiens, Moment Factory and Decidedly Jazz Danceworks. In Vancouver, he was co-founder of The 605 Collective, and as the founder and Artistic Director of Shay Kuebler Radical System Art, he has produced and directed four full-evening dance works that have toured nationally and internationally: Karoshi, Glory, Telemetry, Feasting on Famine and Epilogos. In 2010, he received the Holy Body Tattoo emerging artist award and in 2014 received The Mayor’s Arts Award for emerging dance artist from the City of Vancouver.

Running time 80 minutes. Click here for the Accessibility Guide.