Laing House is a drop-in centre for youth aged 16 – 29 living with a mood disorder, psychosis and/or anxiety disorder. Based on peer support, members can meet friends who have gone through similar experiences and support each other as they find wellness. Laing House first opened its doors in 2001 and became the first youth-based peer support organization in Canada. Since then, it has been providing a support system, access to skills and knowledge, and most importantly, an understanding and accepting family for those who need it.

“At Laing House I met people who were struggling with the same problems I was, and many of them were handling it better than me. They taught me, both through example and explicit instruction, how to surmount mental illness. I also learned a very important secret. Different people cope with mental illness using different strategies, and because several dozen were gathered together at Laing House you could compare and tell which strategies were the best.”
Former Laing House member

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