Jayla James, winner of Ebnflōh dance battle, Live Art Dance. Jayla James is mid dance pose in the centre of the image. She is squating in a pair of high heals. She gazes intently ahead of her. In the background are blurry audience members smiling and taking pictures of Jayla.

Ebnflōh - Dance Battle Winner

Photo Credit: Stoo Metz

Jayla James

Jayla James is a professional dance artist from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and recently won first prize at the Dance Battle on September 28th Hosted by Darren Pyper and judged by Jigsaw (Ebnflōh), Kosi (Ebnflōh), and Sarah Steele (Onset). Learn more about Jayla below!

Jayla James

Winner of EBNFLŌH dance battle

Jayla James is a professional dance artist from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Most recently Jayla has performed in Spectra’s Cabaret as a dancer and aerialist on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Anthem of the Seas (2022). She has trained intensively at The Room and Board, a prestigious commercial dance program in Los Angles (2022) and in George Brown Colleges Commercial Dance Program (2019). Jayla has performed in music videos, films and danced with notable dance/performance companies. She has established a dance training program entitled Rendezvous Commercial Dance (2021). The program offers intensive dance training and performance opportunities for dancers. Jayla plans to continue to grow the commercial dance community in Halifax, to provide more opportunities for dance artist.