Ebnfloh Dance company: In-ward: a person in white pants and a red hoodie pulled up is standing still looking towards the camera, arms at their sides. Two other dancers are in motion surrounding the still figure. The moving dancers are wearing sweatpants, green and pink sweaters respectively.

EBNFLŌH Dance Company

Photo Credit: Melika Dez

In Ward

In-Ward plunges us into the deep waters of the human psyche depicting the overlapping of feelings, and the subtle contradictions of the unconscious—both individual and collective—while faced with forced confinement, sharing same spaces, and isolation.


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EBNFLŌH Dance Company


September 30th and October 1st, 8:00 PM
Neptune – Scotiabank Stage
General Seating – $35.00 Adults; $30.00 Seniors; $15.00 Students / Arts Worker / Under Waged

Content Warning: loud music

Covid Policy: We will be following Provincial and Neptune Theatre guidelines regarding Covid-19 safety. Beyond these guidelines, we strongly encourage audience members to wear face masks for the duration of each show and in the lobby before and after.

In-Ward is a choreographic work by Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé and Ebnflōh Dance Company and produced with the support of CCOV-Centre de creation O Vertigo.  In-Ward plunges us into the deep waters of the human psyche depicting the overlapping of feelings, and the subtle contradictions of the unconscious—both individual and collective—while faced with forced confinement, sharing the same spaces, and isolation. 

With raw and sharp physicality, Alexandra subtly combines dramatic tension and dark humour in dealing with obvious situational absurdities that grapple with the forces of hope. Are we able to perceive and understand the other’s experience without the biases of our own subjective experience? Forced to live together in a limited space, forming perhaps unlikely alliances, these individuals and their bodies must reconcile temptations to be alone with a threat of real conflict.

“ Spicey’s Hip-Hop dance develops in front of your eyes; stretched, unprocessed and raw. ”

Natasha Jean-Bart, Choreographer

EBNFLŌH Dance Company

Ebnflōh is a non-profit organization founded in 2015 by choreographer, Alexandra ‘Spicey’  Landé. Its mission is to create, produce, and present engaging works of original and authentic innovation, and to promote a choreographic language rooted in Hip-Hop. She features these works in Quebec, Canada, and abroad. Ebnflōh aims at high artistic excellence and builds upon innovative concepts which are thoroughgoing in their deep reflections and expressive urgency and, are keenly felt through the dance medium. Her artistic signature and overall contribution to the evolution of dancers and the dance discipline put Ebnflōh at the forefront of the Quebec dance milieu.  

Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé

A Montreal choreographer and major figure in Quebec Hip-Hop dance, her passion for the art first began in the 80s when she was a girl. The symbiotic relation she maintains with Hip-Hop culture through her choreography embodies the spirit of her esthetic signature. Alexandra started her career as an independent street dancer/choreographer with Retrospek, presented at the MAI in 2008. The show was warmly received, inspiring other street dance choreographers. Awarded the RIDEAU-Entrées en scène Loto Québec Bursary in 2009, the piece was presented in 20 different venues. In 2010, Alexandra released her second full-length piece, Renézance, which was shown several times in Montreal. In 2011, she was hired as a street dance coach for Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour, for Cirque du Soleil. That same year, she took part in the Ils dansent show, on CBC with Nico Archambault. In 2015, she is invited as a panel judge on the Eurovision Young Dancer international dance competition, shown on Czech TV in the Czech Republic.

Consequently, she founded the Bust a Move Street Dance Festival (2005-2015). It had a profound impact as the biggest street dance competition in Canada, with la TOHU (Montreal) as co-presenter. Wishing to further push her artistic aspirations in dance and broaden her outreach, she then founded the Ebnflōh Dance Company, in 2015. Spicey has the invaluable assistance of seasoned peers and gifted collaborators to keep a solid, creative flow. By the end of 2015, she featured her latest work, Complexe R, at the MAI—a dance piece inspired by human obsessions. The show was mainly featured in Montreal, Toronto, Whitehorse, New York, and Amsterdam. In January 2019, her most recent work, In-Ward, will be premiering in Montreal at the MAI, with kind support from CCOV-Centre de creation O Vertigo. Alexandra has also been a Hip-Hop dance teacher and performer for nearly 20 years. Now, with Ebnflōh she is crafting a unique choreographic language reflecting her artistic vision.

Running time 60 minutes. Click here for the accessibility guide.

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