Diane Moore by Cylla von Tiedemann


This award honours Live Art Dance’s founder, Diane Moore. Diane was deeply passionate about stimulating and promoting new dance creations and was inspiring in her tremendous support for Atlantic Canadian artists.


The Diane Moore Creation Award is comprised of a cash award in the amount of $2,000.00 plus 50 hours of free studio time (value $1,000.00), available during June, July or August of 2021, at DANSpace in Halifax. The studio component of the award is optional and has been generously provided by Dance Nova Scotia.


Professional and emerging dancers and choreographers from the four Atlantic Provinces are eligible to apply. Applicants must currently reside in Atlantic Canada and have done so for at least one full calendar year prior to the application deadline. Support will be provided for creation-based projects. Selection criteria will focus on the creative elements of the project and the importance the project plays in the applicant’s development as an artist.

The funds do not have to result in a finished work but may be used for movement research or to explore new ideas. Your project may be entirely funded by this award alone and you are not required to have other sources of funding for your project. However, if you do you have other funding, either confirmed or applied for, you should include details of that funding in your budget.

The award is intended to stimulate and support the creation of contemporary dance in the Atlantic Region. All applicants will be considered but in the case of two applicants of equal artistic merit more weight will be given the project where we feel the award will have more impact.

Note – Projects involving studying or dance training at an institution or dance training facility are not eligible.

Contact Randy Glynn at Live Art Dance if you are concerned about the criteria or your project’s eligibility.

Dianne Moore Creation Award Graphic