There are two dance events going on in Halifax this week that merit big attention: on Wednesday evening, Jacinte Armstrong unveiled her latest work (Falling off the Page) at the Bus Stop Theatre, and on Thursday, George Stamos premiered his latest work, Troglodyte Plastique, created for Montréal Danse, at the Sir James Dunn Theatre.

Both works remind me what I love so much about dance, that being its ability to stimulate the imagination on very personal levels. Both works are gorgeously danced (Suzanne Chui and Armstrong in the former, and Elinor Fueter, Rachel Harris, and Stamos, joined onstage by musician/composer Jackie Gallant, in the latter), and both take the audience on dreamy, physically charged rides into the abstract.

Time figures prominently in both works. While Stamos grapples with themes of evolution (in a broad stroke kind of way, ie. how HAVE our primal instincts developed over the years) and loss, Armstrong reminds us that dance happens in fleeting moments, that once it stops the only residue left behind is what we carry in our memories.

I want to see both shows again… I want to relive those dreamy landscapes before they’re gone for good.

Both shows run until Saturday night – catch ’em while you can!

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